Individual and Group Linking Service

Service Description

  • This service is provided for ministries, companies as well as governmental and civil institutions. This system contains 100 different frequencies to help the subscriber communicate with his group in asimple and easy way. It consists of a wireless device and a phone

Eligibility or Criteria

  • There are no conditions

Required Documents

  • A letter to the under-secretary of state requesting the service
  • Commercial Register of the company or institution
  • Bank guarantee and signature authorization


Visit the technical workshop
Submit the required documents
Refer to Individual and Group Linking Section
Pay the fees


(0) KD Variable fees
(650) KD Fixed fees: Handheld device with keys
(550) KD Fixed fees: Search device
450) KD Fixed fees: Ordinary handheld device
(650) KD Fixed fees: Car device
(750) KD Fixed fees: A device fixed in one location
(170) KD Fixed fees: Annual subscription

Downloadable Forms

  • No Item