Issuance of Transportation Certificate for Road Transportation

Service Description

  • This is a registration certificate issued by the Road Transportation Department. It is renewed on annual basis. It is used to register and renew all the vehicles owned by the company or the entity and those which registered at the General Department of Traffic after providing the required number; five vehicles, for each activity

Eligibility or Criteria

  • Unrequired

Required Documents

  • Registration renewal request directed to the Ministry
  • Copy of Civil ID
  • Attested approval issued by Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Commercial license and a copy thereof
  • Five public transportation vehicles for each activity ,goods, passengers -
  • Office lease agreement and receipt for office rent payment


Submit all the required documents to the Traffic Department
The transaction is later transferred to the Inspection Section for office inspection
Inquiry shall be one day after the submission date
Receive an approval in case it fulfills all terms and conditions and receive the certificate


(0) KD Variable fees
(0) KD Fixed fees:There are no specified fees for this service

Downloadable Forms

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