Surveyors' Salary Service

Service Description

  • This service allows determining surveyors' salaries according to the vessel type and cargo. It also helps checking the effeciency of all safety equipment and gears on board

Eligibility or Criteria

  • Unrequired

Required Documents

  • Vessel Record Book
  • Certificate of Safety Equipment
  • Certificate of Inspection of Equipment


Visit the Transportation Sector
Submit a request of surveying on board
Pay the fees
The surveyor checks the vessel technically
He writes a report on the vessel status and the status of the different equipment


(0) KD Variable fees
Minimum 15 KD/hour Fixed fees: For vessels of less than 500-tonne cargo
(30) KD Fixed fees: For vessels of more than 500-tonne cargo
(25) KD Fixed fees: When surveying is carried out after the working hours or in official holidays, survayors' salaries are doubled

Downloadable Forms

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