Wireless Paging Service

Service Description

  • This service is limited to ministries and governmental institutions. It provides a communication service between subscribers in places where phone service is not available

Eligibility or Criteria

  • There are no conditions

Required Documents

  • A letter to the under-secretary of state requesting the service
  • Commercial Register of the company or institution


Visit the technical workshop
Submit the required documents
Refer to the Department of Wireless Paging
Pay the fees


(0) KD Variable fees
(10450) KD Fixed fees: Transmitting and receiving station with an antenna pole
(1400) KD Fixed fees: Central paging station with an antenna for the station
(1000) KD Fixed fees: Handheld device
(560) KD Fixed fees: Car adapter
(300) KD Fixed fees: Multiple-battery charger
(80) KD Fixed fees: Battery charger
(40) KD Fixed fees: Extra battery

Downloadable Forms

  • No Item