Individual licenses: changing or adding data (activity – address)

Service Description

  • This service for business sector allows changing or adding data in the license.

Eligibility or Criteria

  • 1. The applicant must not be working in a government entity.
  • 2. Letter from the government entity to the legal entity requesting the procedures (cooperative communities, unions, clubs)

Required Documents

  • 1. Original License
  • 2. Copy of civil ID
  • 3. Certificate from the Public Authority for Social Securities stating that the person is retired, working in private sector or subscribed as per Chapter Five), for Kuwaiti citizens
  • 4. Copy of the power of attorney, in case of the signature by the agent
  • 5. Copy of the lease contract and receipt in the name of the license owner ( for changing the address)
  • 6. Letter of approval by the real estate owner (sub-contracting)
  • 7. Parcel allocation certificate from the competent entity if the location is in an industrial area
  • 8. Clearance certificate from the State Property Department in case of changing the address to another location
  • 9. Other document depending on the case


Visit the Commercial License Department of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and submit the required documents.


0 KD
Variable Fees
15 KD Fixed Fees: changing or adding data

Downloadable Forms

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