Applying for registration and renewal of local/foreign trademarks

Service Description

  • This service allows applying for local/foreign trademark registration and renewal.

Eligibility or Criteria

  • 1. The duration of protection of trademark registration is 10 years. Trademark holder is entitled to extend the protection to a new period, if they submit an extension application within the last year.
  • In case of applying for extension within the last year, fees shall be 5 KD.
  • In case of applying for extension after the end of the protection period (6 months), fees shall be 7 KD.

Required Documents

  • 1. Local: Number of trademark to be endorsed
  • 2. Foreign: Trademark number and the official authorization


Visit the Ministry of Commerce, Sharq area, Al Shuhada st., KIPCO tower, Trademark Control Department, Patents Office and submit the documents.


5 or 7 KD

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