Renewing partnership company license

Service Description

  • This service allows renewing partnership company licenses.

Eligibility or Criteria

  • The store must exist and be in business.

Required Documents

  • 1- Copy of the last lease receipt, a location check by the Ministry, and the civil number of the entity
  • 2- Last company balance sheet, for the limited liability companies, approved by the auditor of the original company license and accredited by Budget Section in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
  • 3- Parcel allocation certificate, if the location is in an industrial area
  • 4- Original License
  • 5- Copies of civil IDs of the partners and the manager
  • 6- Signature of the manager in person or a general power of attorney by him
  • 7- Insurance certificate for the Kuwaiti manager
  • 8- Valid civil ID of the foreign manager and his residence permit with the same company



0 KD
Variable Fees
15 KD Fixed Fees: for renewal

Downloadable Forms

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