Fatwa Phone service

Service Description

  • Fatwa is the act of giving the inquirer a legitimate ruling based on the Book of Allah and Sunna of His Messenger (May the Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) in conformity with scholars` discretion. This service receives all kinds of urgent inquiries that require verbal response, save and except divorce cases as they shall be referred to the Fatwa Committee. This service concerns: Inquirers in need of verbal response, save and except divorce cases.

Eligibility or Criteria

  • Clarity of the inquiry.
  • Address.
  • Name of the inquirer.
  • Attendance of the husband and wife in divorce cases.
  • Phone number of the inquirer.

Required Documents

  • Civil ID


Inquirer shall call the Department or Mufti`s office at the Grand Mosque on the mentioned numbers of Fatwa Department.​

A member of the Fatwa Committee in the ministry shall receive the calls.

The Mufti shall receive the calls at his office in the Grand Mosque.

A member of the Fatwa Committee shall issue a fatwa directly or refer it to another member at the Fatwa Committee.

The Mufti shall issue the fatwa directly via the phone.

Husband and wife shall physically appear before the Fatwa Department in case of requesting a divorce fatwa.

Fatwa shall be created in specific printable forms such as (01115/1) for personal status or (01115/3) for general affairs.

Fatwa shall be delivered to the inquirer.


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Downloadable Forms

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