Request to foster a child

Service Description

  • Apply to foster an unknown parent’s child.

Eligibility or Criteria

  • Priority to families of husband and wife (husband is Kuwaiti married to a Kuwaiti woman or a woman from the GCC, or a Kuwaiti woman married to a non-Kuwaiti husband).
  • In the 2nd degree, a Kuwaiti woman whether single, divorced, or widowed will be considered.
  • Breastfeeding provisions are observed (five full separate feedings during infancy).
  • The wife must not exceed the age determined (when applying) by the family fostering committee and she must be in good health and has no chronic diseases.
  • The family must be clear of infectious diseases, as well as mental and psychological conditions.
  • The family must have good sense of morality and of sound reputation.
  • The family must have good financial standing.
  • The family must be residing in Kuwait.

Required Documents

  • Copy of the Civil ID of the fostering applicants (the husband and wife).
  • Copy of the nationality document of the fostering applicant.
  • Copy of the marriage or divorce certificate.
  • Copy of the salary report.
  • Provide a medical report in case of inability to bear children.
  • Provide report in case of a loan, rental, owning property, business, “Tawaruq”, government or social aid.


​Submitting an application: The application is submitted in the form of the family fostering section.​

​Conducting a full research on the family: The research includes financial, social, residential, and psychological aspects. after that, a report is made on the findings.​

​The report is presented to the family fostering committee: the social research of each applicant is studied and decided upon for either approval or refusal with mentioning of the reasons behind each decision. ​

​In case of approval, the family is put on a waiting list.​


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