Making sure regularly that there is an oil filter in restaurants and there are no illegal connectors to rainwater and sanitary drainage manholes near these restaurants

Service Description

  • This service allows the capability to get benefit from: •Making sure that there is an oil filter made from stainless steel in all restaurants at Kuwait. Such filter isolates and accumulates the oils of cooking foods and washing plates. Then, the filter can be cleaned and oils can be collected in bags or plastic boxes to be thrown in the container of Kuwait Municipality •Making sure that there are no illegal connectors to rainwater or drainage manholes near the restaurant

Eligibility or Criteria

  • If there is no oil filter, the restaurant's owner undertakes that he/she shall install such filter in 7 days. The Ministry's employee shall issue a declaration and undertaking form to violators
  • If the restaurant is not committed to the period specified in the warning and pledge report to install the mentioned filter, a violation report shall be issued to the violator
  • For any queries about such filter by anyone wants to establish a restaurant, please attend the Environmental Affairs Department or call the mentioned numbers

Required Documents

  • No documents are required if there is oil filter in the restaurant
  • Commercial license request letter
  • Civil ID of any responsible person or employee in the restaurant to take the warning and pledge report and deliver it to the company


Visit the Environmental Affairs Department, Al-Rabeya
Environmental Auditing Section – First Floor.


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