Obtain a Social Loan (Marriage Loan)

Service Description

  • This service allows citizens to obtain social loans for marriage

Eligibility or Criteria

  • The wife must a Kuwaiti citizen. The applicant may receive a marriage loan even if the wife is not a Kuwaiti citizen, if he is disabled
  • The marriage contract must not have been issued more than (2) years ago
  • The applicant must not have received a marriage loan before
  • The applicant must not have been previously married to a Kuwaiti
  • Applications for marriage loans for the second time may be submitted, if the applicant's one wife is deceased and he marries another, provided that the applicant meets the first two conditions. If the applicant is in debt for a previous loan, installments for the previous and new loans will be paid together. Installments of the previous loan may be paid as a lump sum so that they will not be added to the new loan.
  • The maximum amount for marriage loan is (4.000) KD. The Ministry of Finance pays (2.000) KD as a non-returnable donation and (2.000) KD are the loan. Loan shall be paid by equal monthly installments without interest.
  • The first installment shall be paid after (3) months of signing the contract. The minimum amount for an installment is (40) KD

Required Documents

  • Loan application form approved by the applicant's employer and signed by the applicant
  • Valid original civil IDs of the husband and his wife and a copy
  • Certificate of the original nationality for the husband and wife, and a copy. Request for the Kuwaiti nationality for the husband and wife and nationality certificate for the father, if the husband or the minor wife does have the Kuwaiti nationality
  • Original attested and approved marriage contract and a copy, provided that it has not been issued more than (2) years ago
  • Certificate from the Ministry of Justice stating any previous marriages or divorces, if the husband or wife was previously married or divorced
  • Letter from the Public Institution for Social Security to the applicant (borrower) who did not receive his previous work insurance or to the employees in the civil sector
  • If the applicant worked for less than (4) years, a sponsor working in the governmental sector must attend the procedures, and the following documents must be submitted:
  • Original civil ID and the nationality certificate for the sponsor and a copy
  • Detailed salary certificate for the sponsor's employer, provided that the sponsor has been working for at least (4) years


Visit the nearest branch of Kuwait Credit Bank (Capital branch, Farwaniya branch, Ahmadi branch, or Jahra branch) and submit the required documents
Fill the service application forms


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