Private leave with full salary

Service Description

  • The employee who cares for a disabled child or spouse deserves a full salary special leave that is not deducted from his/her other leave days if they are accompanying the caregiver for treatment abroad or inside Kuwait according to what is decided by the competent technical committee

Eligibility or Criteria

  • For moderate and severe disabilities
  • The leave is granted to:
  • (Father or mother)
  • (Husband or wife)
  • The caregiver by law
  • The leave applicant must be accompanying the disabled inside the hospital
  • The disabled can be at home with a recommendation from the respective physician or the general medical council stating that he/she receives home treatment

Required Documents

  • Copy of the disability proof certificate issued by the General Authority for the Disabled Affairs
  • Child’s birth certificate in case of disabled son/daughter
  • Original smart civil card of the disabled, mother and father and a copy thereof in case of disabled son/daughter
  • In case of disabled spouse, the smart civil card of both spouses and a copy thereof
  • Marriage contract in case of disabled spouse
  • Original smart civil card and copy thereof of the caregiver
  • Letter from the Overseas Treatment Department in case treatment is abroad stating the leave duration
  • Letter from the hospital stating the date of entry and release
  • Recommendation letter from the respective physician or the general medical council stating the home treatment of the disabled


The required documents should be submitted at the location of the Authority building in Hawalli region - Block 11 - Beirut Street - opposite Bayan Bilingual School​, during the working hours (Sundays and Tuesdays for women and Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for men).


0 KD Variable Fees
0 KD Fixed Fees: Signature Authentication
0 KD Fixed Fees: Authentication of Commercial Agencies

Downloadable Forms

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