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No. of transactions for e-Payment "Tasdeed"250,479 312,882220,756 
  • Total payments by e.payment (tasdeed) for the year 2017 amounted 94,849,129 KD .
  • Total no. of transactions for e.payment (tasdeed) for the year 2017 totaled 2,243,663 process .
  • These statistics are updated monthly ( last update: November - 2018) .

Summary of Informative and E.services for each Agency

noAgency Name Informative servicesE.services
1Ministry of Public Works 118452
2Ministry of Information61 25
3Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs 9 24
4Ministry of Commerce and Industry 1057
5Ministry of Education28 11
6Ministry of Higher Education 226
7Ministry of Interior47 19
8Ministry of Defense7 1
9Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor 41
10Ministry of Health99
11Ministry of Justice17 31
12Ministry of Electricity and Water 616
13Ministry of Finance86 4
14Ministry of State for Service Affairs 117
15Ministry of Oil1 -
16Ministry of Foreign Affairs 5-
17Ministry of State for Youth Affairs -3
18CAIT2 2
19Central Statistical Bureau 73
20Expropriation for Public Welfare Department -4
21Minister office of The State for the National Assembly3 4
22General Secretariat of the Supreme council for Planning & Development-1
23Council of Ministries General Secretariat 1-
24Kuwait Awqaf Public Foundation 185
25Manpower of Government Restructuring Program -8
26Kuwait Customs8 1
27Kuwait Fire Services Directorate 5411
28Directorate General of Civil Aviation 33
29Legal Advice & Legislation2-
30Civil Service Commission56
31Central Agency For Public Tenders315
32National Council for Culture, Art and Letters611
33Kuwait Municipality19 15 
34Kuwait University2 4
35Public Authority for Assessment of Compensation for Damages Resulting from Iraqi Aggression3-
36Public Authority of Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources310
37Public Authority for Minors Affairs230
38Public Authority for Special Needs26-
39Kuwait Investment Authority6-
40Environment Public Authority19
41Public Authority for Applied Education and Training713
42Public Authority for Civil Information1612
43General Authority for Manpower- 40
44Public Authority for Sport-5
45Youth Public Authority-1
46Kuwait Petroleum Corporation1-
47Public Institution for Social Security166
48Public Authority for Housing Welfare2246
49Kuwait Port Authority6-
50Public Authority for Industry1322
51Capital Markets Authority2-
52Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects-1
53Kuwait Credit Bank85
54The Central Bank of Kuwait6-
55Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development-8
56Kuwait News Agency (KUNA)11
57Zakat House-4
58Kuwait Airways5-
59Kuwait Institute for Science Research-2
60Kuwait Chamber of Commerce & Industry49
61eNet Company-2
Grand Total 993949

Most Used eServices :

  • Inquiring About Civil ID Status.
  • Violations Payment (Traffic & Immigration).
  • multi – civil renewal and payments.
  • Inquiring About Traffic Violations.
  • Electricity and Water Bills Inquiry and E-Payment.
  • Inquiring about Civil ID Validity.
  • Personal Inquiry about MOI Eservices.
  • Inquiring about Phone Bill and ePayment.
  • Inquiring about the End of Residence Period.
  • Inquiring about Travel Ban.