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No. of transactions for e-Payment "Tasdeed"225,581 208,655237,432250,468

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  • Total payments by e.payment (tasdeed) for the year 2017 amounted 94,849,129 KD .
  • Total no. of transactions for e.payment (tasdeed) for the year 2017 totaled 2,243,663 process .
  • These statistics are updated monthly ( last update: September - 2018) .

Summary of Informative and E.services for each Agency

noAgency NameInformative servicesE.services
1Ministry of Public Works118452
2Ministry of Information6125
3Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs915
4Ministry of Commerce and Industry1057
5Ministry of Education2811
6Ministry of Higher Education226
7Ministry of Interior4719
8Ministry of Defense71
9Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor41
10Ministry of Health99
11Ministry of Justice1731
12Ministry of Electricity and Water616
13Ministry of Finance864
14Ministry of State for Service Affairs117
15Ministry of Oil1-
16Ministry of Foreign Affairs5-
17Ministry of State for Youth Affairs-3
19Central Statistical Bureau73
20Expropriation for Public Welfare Department-4
21Minister office of The State for the National Assembly3 4
22General Secretariat of the Supreme council for Planning & Development-1
23Council of Ministries General Secretariat1-
24Kuwait Awqaf Public Foundation185
25Manpower of Government Restructuring Program-8
26Kuwait Customs81
27Kuwait Fire Services Directorate5411
28Directorate General of Civil Aviation32
29Legal Advice & Legislation2-
30Civil Service Commission56
31Central Agency For Public Tenders315
32National Council for Culture, Art and Letters611
33Kuwait Municipality197
34Kuwait University2 4
35Public Authority for Assessment of Compensation for Damages Resulting from Iraqi Aggression3-
36Public Authority of Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources310
37Public Authority for Minors Affairs230
38Public Authority for Special Needs26-
39Kuwait Investment Authority6-
40Environment Public Authority19
41Public Authority for Applied Education and Training713
42Public Authority for Civil Information1612
43General Authority for Manpower- 40
44Public Authority for Sport-5
45Youth Public Authority-1
46Kuwait Petroleum Corporation1-
47Public Institution for Social Security166
48Public Authority for Housing Welfare2246
49Kuwait Port Authority6-
50Public Authority for Industry1322
51Capital Markets Authority2-
52Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects-1
53Kuwait Credit Bank85
54The Central Bank of Kuwait6-
55Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development-8
56Kuwait News Agency (KUNA)11
57Zakat House-4
58Kuwait Airways5-
59Kuwait Institute for Science Research-2
60Kuwait Chamber of Commerce & Industry49
61eNet Company-2
Grand Total 993932

Most Used eServices :

  • Inquiring About Civil ID Status.
  • multi – civil renewal and payments.
  • Violations Payment (Traffic & Immigration).
  • Inquiring About Traffic Violations.
  • Electricity and Water Bills Inquiry and E-Payment.
  • Personal Inquiry about MOI Eservices.
  • Inquiring about Civil ID Validity.
  • Inquiring about Phone Bill and ePayment.
  • Inquiring about the End of Residence Period.
  • Inquiring about Travel Ban.