Ease To Use


The government of the State of Kuwait, represented in the Central Agency for Information Technology, is keen to facilitate the access to the information and e-services provided by the portal. The portal offers a number of functions that allow users to exert the least possible effort in order to reach the required information. In addition to this, the online portal contains links to other governmental and non-governmental sites.

To accelerate the process of filling the online application forms and entering the data for services and electronic transactions, and for the sake of providing top-level-services, the Central Agency for Information Technology provides the 'Auto Complete' function. This function allows the automatic completion of any data that has been entered before into the online portal or has been provided to a government entity. This aims at saving the effort and time needed for re-entering the personal information that has been entered previously.

Portal Compatibility with Web Browsers

The Kuwait Government Online portal is perfectly compatible with Internet Explorer and, to a great extent, compatible with Firefox, Google Chrome and other major web browsers. We strongly recommend that you update your web browsers; since the latest browser versions offer greater levels of protection and provide better functions.

Implemented Standards

The online portal is compatible with the internationally-recognized technical standards to ensure that users from all segments of society and from the business sector enjoy the highest level of efficiency of use, performance, and information security. Moreover, the portal is available 24/7. This aims at encouraging people to engage in the usage of new information technology services and to make its advanced usage an integral part of their daily actions.

Arabic Texts

If you encounter any difficulty browsing or typing Arabic texts into this portal, make sure that your computer operating system supports the Arabic language.

PDF Files

PDF technology was developed by Adobe company to enable publishing of electronically-printed documents in a manner that preserves the original format of the document. This is an ideal and widespread technology for publishing different types of documents on the internet.

For browsing the PDF files on our online government portal, you may download a free version of Adobe Reader on your personal computer from Adobe website.

Changing Font Size

If you find difficulty reading the text, you may use the 'zoom' option to magnify the web page. You may also grow or shrink the font size by pressing (A+) or (A-) at the top of the page.

In the new versions of Internet Explorer, you can select 'Zoom' from the 'View' menu. You can also change the language of the portal by clicking the change language link.

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