Retirement Of The Guardian Or Caregiver Of The Disabled

Service Description

  • The legal caregiver of the disabled with severe or medium disability shall receive a retirement pension of 100% of the salary if the period of the calculated service in the pension equals 20 years for males and 15 years for females.

Eligibility or Criteria

  • Priority of retirement is for the mother of the disabled then the father in case the mother waives her right
  • The service period of the female shall be 15 years
  • The service period of the male shall be 20 years
  • The disabled is not an employee
  • The disabled is not above 65 years old unless there is only one caregiver taking care of him/her
  • The disabled is not less than six years old with one exception, which is the child needs very special and precise care

Required Documents

  • Copy of the caregiver certificate issued from the Psychological and Social Guidance Section
  • One (1) personal photo of the disabled
  • Copy of citizenship of the disabled or proof of citizenship for those below 18 years old
  • Copy of the Kuwaiti nationality of the mother of the disabled if he is a non-Kuwaiti
  • Copy of the birth certificate of the disabled
  • v Copy of proof of the disability certificate for permanent medium or severe disabilities
  • Copy of the disability ID issued from the Authority
  • Copy of the civil ID of the disabled and the caregiver
  • Certificate addressed To Whom it May Concern from the General Authority for Civil Information stating the children registered in the household (Family members list)
  • Medical report from the government hospitals stating that the caregiver is free of diseases
  • Copy of the marriage contract (for the husband only if the disabled is married) + marriage continuity certificate from the Ministry of Justice
  • Ruling of trusteeship against the disabled in case the disabled is of the age of 21 for mental disabilities or guardianship ruling if available
  • Letter of non-accommodation from the social house cares stating that the disabled is not staying in the house cares or any of the shelter centers whether government or private, or hospitals or in the Elderly Care Department
  • Letter from employer requesting the application of Article 42 on the employee
  • Certificate from the Public Institution for Social Security for the number of previous employments and periods of subscription in securing Chapter Five while indicating its applicability regarding annexation to the retiree


The required documents are submitted at the Authority building in Hawalli region - Block 11 - Beirut Street - opposite Bayan Bilingual School​
All required documents must be presented and no application shall be accepted in case of missing documents


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Downloadable Forms

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