Applying for license to hold a public clearance sale

Service Description

  • This service allows applying for license to hold a public clearance sale

Eligibility or Criteria

  • 1. The offer shall be valid for the public only.
  • 2. The offer’s period is 3 months, extendable only once for a similar period.
  • 3. Price list of goods and commodities, provided to and approved by the Ministry, shall be adhered to.
  • 4. There may not be any addition, cancellation, amendment, or deletion to the price list provided to the Ministry; after obtaining license from the Ministry.
  • 5. Period specified in the license shall be adhered to.
  • 6. Price tags must show the prices before and after the sale, where old prices are crossed out, on every item inside the store.
  • 7. Prices before the clearance sale must be the lowest prices offered for the public within a month before the sale starts.
  • Terms and Conditions of Public Clearance Sale
  • 1. Public clearance sale must include all goods and commodities inside the store.
  • 2. License holder may not practice their previous business after the clearance and complete all procedures related to changing their business in the commercial license; regarding cancelling or changing such business according to the request submitted to the Ministry.
  • 3. Public clearance sale license may not be canceled after commencement of work.
  • 4. Public clearance sale shall not be combined with any other discount offers.
  • 5. Public clearance sale shall not be licensed after changing the business or cancelling the commercial license permanently.
  • Advertisement
  • 1. Advertising on storefronts by any method is not allowed before the public clearance sale date.
  • 2. Advertisements shall not include vague, misleading phrases, or images that breach public morality or be contrary to religion.
  • 3. The advertisement must state the sale’s start and end date and clearance sale license No.
  • 4. The advertisement may not include the phrase "Real Clearance Sale”.
  • 5. Companies/organizations shall declare their commitment to the above mentioned terms and conditions. In case of breach, such companies/organizations shall bear legal liability, in accordance with Law no. (2) of 1995.

Required Documents

  • License application to provide the offer
  • Commercial license and a copy thereof
  • List of prices for the commodities specified in the offer
  • Copy of the signature authorization


Visit the Ministries Complex, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, 3rd floor, block 2,
Consumer Protection Department, Discounts and Prices Department and submit the required documents.


10 KD

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