Applying for Voluntarily Military Service for Kuwaiti Citizens

Service Description

  • This service allows Kuwaiti citizens to volunteer in the military service

Eligibility or Criteria

  • The volunteer must not be younger than (18) years or older than (26) years (applicants with vocational and professional rehabilitation are exempted from this condition)
  • The volunteer must have passed the forth primary grade at least
  • The volunteer must have the Kuwaiti nationality
  • The volunteer must be medically and security fit
  • Documents must be copied on A4 paper
  • Documents must be valid and in good condition on submission
  • The training period must be six months for the School of Non-commissioned Officers
  • Holders of Secondary School Certificate are appointed as sergeants
  • Holders of Diploma Certificate are appointed as sergeant majors
  • The training period must be four months for the School of Military Personnel Training
  • Holders of certificates lower than the secondary school certificate, like the authenticated technical certificates, are appointed as corporals Holders of Intermediate School Certificate are appointed as lance-corporals

Required Documents

  • Original civil ID and five (5) copies
  • Original Kuwaiti nationality certificate and three (3) copies, for applicants who reached (18) years old
  • Birth certificate and three (3) copies
  • Copy of the marriage contract and a copy of the wife's nationality certificate (for married applicants)
  • Copy of the father's nationality certificate
  • Copy of the mother's nationality certificate
  • Ten (10) personal photos (4 × 6) wearing a gutra and iqal with ribbon. Photos must not be instant or taken for the face profile. Applicant's photos must be without a beard
  • Letter from the Civil Service Commission



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