Applying for Joining Ali Al Sabah Military College for Secondary School Certificate Holders

Service Description

  • This service allows Secondary School Certificate holders to join Ali Al Sabah Military College as student officers. The applicants register in the three-year education system to obtain a Bachelor of Science in the Military Sciences

Eligibility or Criteria

  • General Criteria: -
  • The applicant must have the Kuwaiti nationality
  • The applicant must be of a good reputation and conduct
  • The applicant must not have been convicted in a dishonourable or a breach of trust felony or misdemeanour, unless rehabilitated. Applicant will not be accepted, in cases of suspension of sentence or non-pronouncement of judgment
  • The applicant must not have been previously dismissed from a government service by a final disciplinary action or decision
  • The applicant must be medically fit for the field service, in accordance with the established health terms and conditions
  • The applicant must have an acknowledged certificate in the required military science authenticated by the Ministry of Education or the Ministry of Higher Education
  • The applicant must pass the personal interview
  • The applicant must pass the admission tests

Required Documents

  • Original nationality certificate and a copy
  • Original nationality certificates of the parents and a copy of each
  • Approved and authenticated educational certificate and (3) copies
  • Original birth certificate and (3) copies
  • Eight (8) photos for the applicant without a head cover (6 × 4)
  • Eight (8) photos for the applicant with ghutra and iqal (6 × 4)
  • Original civil ID and three (3) copies
  • Certificate for the continuity of study, for those whose certificates are dated more than two years ago
  • Recent Certificate of Good Conduct



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