Enlistment of Volunteers

Service Description

  • This service allows volunteers (sons of military martyrs, captives, and the missing) to enlist in voluntary enlistment.

Eligibility or Criteria

  • The volunteer shall be a son of a military martyr;
  • A son of a military captive or a son of one of the missing (who are still in captivity);
  • A son of those who got released from captivity or of those who have been found (and not currently employed);
  • A son of a military man who participated in the Gulf War;
  • A son of a military man who participated in the Arab wars;
  • A son of a military man who hasn’t participated in any wars (but has been employed and at service for 30 actual years); or
  • A son of a military man whose service has stopped before the 2nd of August 1990.
  • The volunteer shall be an illegal resident who is included in the 1965 census.
  • The volunteer shall be over 18 and under 30 years old.
  • The volunteer shall be healthy and in a good shape for military service.
  • The volunteer’s height shall not be less than 160 cm.
  • The volunteer shall be of a good reputation and conduct.
  • The volunteer shall pass the personal interview.
  • The volunteer shall not have been convicted in a dishonorable or a breach of trust felony or misdemeanor, unless rehabilitated.
  • The volunteer shall not have been previously dismissed from service by any government entity; by a judicial judgment or a final disciplinary decision.
  • If the volunteer is still an employee, he has to resign after being completely accepted, and he has to bring what proves his resignation.

Required Documents

  • Valid original security card and 5 copies.
  • Valid original civil ID for those who have other nationalities and 5 copies.
  • Original birth certificate and 3 copies.
  • Original nationality document for the non-Kuwaiti mother or her security card in case she’s an illegal resident and 3 copies.
  • The volunteer’s latest educational certificate (Original and approved) and 3 copies.
  • Eight (8) non-instant personal photos (6X4) with (ghutra and agal).
  • The original marriage contract for married volunteers and a copy and a copy of the nationality document of the wife if she’s a Kuwaiti. If the wife is an illegal resident, please bring a copy of her valid security card and birth certificate.
  • Documents must be valid and in good condition on submission.
  • After registration, the applicant must print the sample application form on the registration page; and bring it to the voluntary enlistment branch in the exact date that will be specified in the e-mail sent to the volunteer.


Please register online through the link of the voluntary enlistment website.
For direct inquiries: 24830858 – Internal 61348​ ​​​


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Downloadable Forms

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