Issuing Licenses to Open Medical Centers

Service Description

  • This service allows citizens to issue licenses for opening civil medical centers including: general medical specialties, dental medicine, and medical assistant professions. The center receives patients without staying overnights.

Eligibility or Criteria

  • The applicant must be a full-time Kuwaiti physician free to work at the center, following his resignation from the government or civil sector
  • The applicant must have at least ten years of experience in the medical field
  • The applicant must be medically fit
  • The applicant must not be retired
  • The approval of the Medical License Committee must be obtained
  • The architecture requirements and medical, technical, and nursing labor conditions must be met
  • The number of physicians in the general center must be at least six full-time physicians, four of whom are medical consultants
  • The number of physicians in the dental center must be at least one medical consultant and three dentists with master's degree
  • A nurse must be available for each clinic

Required Documents

  • Acceptance of resignation resolution
  • Architectural plan of the center
  • Approval letter from Kuwait Municipality on the location
  • Approval letter from Kuwait Fire Service Directorate on the location
  • Approval from the Environment Public Authority
  • Civil ID
  • Four (4) personal photos


Visit the Medical License Department of the Ministry of Health to submit the required documents and the application form of the license to open a medical center
Obtain the primary approval of the Medical License Committee. The specialized technical committees from the Ministry of Health, Kuwait Municipality, and Kuwait Fire Service Directorate perform the primary inspection on the center location.
Start the equipping procedures of the center. Following this phase, a final inspection is made on the clinics, laboratory, and the X-Ray unit
Appoint the required number of medical, nursing, and technical specialists
Pay the fees due. The license to open a medical center is issued


(0) KD Variable Fees
(500) KD Fixed Fees: Fee (First Time)
(250) KD Fixed Fees: Fee (Renewal)