Medical Examination for Candidates of Governmental and Public Jobs (except military) and the Business Sector

Service Description

  • This service allows visitors, residents and citizens to have lab tests, x-rays and clinical checkups to determine their fitness and ability to perform the tasks of the job they applied for.

Eligibility or Criteria

  • The job candidate applicant must be (18) years old or more.
  • The applicant must have the medical examination forms or a transfer letter from the employer approved by the Under Secretary of the Ministry to which the employer refers or his representative, while attaching a personal photo sealed with the seal of the employer.
  • The job position of the applicant job candidate must be specified and clear in the medical examination form or the recommendation letter. The applicant (the job candidate in the business sector) must pay the fees due for the service.

Required Documents

  • A transfer letter from the employer.
  • Two (2) medical examination forms to which a personal photo is attached and sealed by the seal of the employer and approved and signed by the person in charge in the job place.
  • Three (3) recent personal photos with size (4x6), not taken in the military uniform.
  • Civil ID and a copy.
  • Copy of each of the service forms related after filling.
  • The passport and a copy.



(15) KD
Fixed Fees: For non-Kuwaitis who are job candidates in the business sector.
(0) KD Variable Fees:

Downloadable Forms

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