Mobile Service

Service Description

  • It is one of the modern care systems that the state has guaranteed for the elderly in a way that benefits them in terms of services and programs of all kinds, in addition to activities prepared for them through visits organized by the mobile service sections for the elderly to provide all social, medical and physiotherapy services in addition to dispensing their entitlements of adult diapers according to the sizes determined by the visiting doctor.

Eligibility or Criteria

  • The elderly must be a Kuwaiti citizen.
  • To be 65 years old and over.

Required Documents

  • A recent medical report.
  • Copy of the civil ID of the elderly.
  • Copy of the civil ID of the person in charge of caring for the elderly.


​Printing the service request.​

​Review the request and is applied once approved. ​

​Head to the nearest mobile service department to complete the social research form.​

​A medical and social visit is scheduled.​

​Once the doctor visits the elderly person at their residence, his/her needs of social and psychological services will be identified, in addition to physical therapy, nutritional and elderly needs.​


0 KD Variable fees
0 KD Fixed fees

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