Project contracts ratification and approval

Service Description

  • The concerned employee studies the transaction and prepares a report directed to the Cooperative Control Department with the cooperative's letter attached. The concerned employee shall submit the transaction to the Head of the Studies and Engineering Control Section for auditing. The Head of the Studies and Engineering Control Section shall submit the transaction to the Director of the Department for approval. The secretarial section registers the transaction and sends it to the Ministry's outgoing department.

Eligibility or Criteria

  • None.

Required Documents

  • Consulting offices :
  • A letter from the cooperative.
  • Bestowing letter indicating the Ministry’s approval to bestow the project to the Engineering Office.
  • Minutes of a preliminary meeting, if any.
  • The approved reference conditions booklet by the cooperative.
  • Technical and financial offer.
  • Companies and contractors :
  • A book from the cooperative.
  • Bestowing letter.
  • Special conditions booklet / approved tender assets / price analysis schedule approved by the contractor.
  • Price offer.
  • 10% Bank guarantee.
  • Minutes of a preliminary meeting.
  • The design and supervision contract certified by the Ministry.
  • Copy of the contract form for review.
  • A letter submitted by the cooperative society’s board chairperson regarding the activation of the optional clause - the supervision stage.
  • Approving the authorized signature of the company.


​Contract review and approval.​


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