Applying for relinquishment to third party

Service Description

  • This service allows the non-Kuwaiti families to obtain housing welfare, provided that the wife is a Kuwaiti citizen.

Eligibility or Criteria

  • The paterfamilias' income must not exceed (900) KD
  • The applicant or his wife must not have owned or received an appraisal for a real estate, providing their family with the suitable housing welfare. In both cases, the established standards and criteria in the Housing Welfare System will be applied.
  • The family must not have previously received housing welfare from the State or have rented a house, which was administratively evacuated and retrieved for violating the established rules and regulations.
  • The paterfamilias or his wife must not have obtained a house or a cash housing allowance form any entity.

Required Documents

  • Copy of the wife's civil ID
  • Marriage contract
  • Letter from Real Estate Registration and Authentication Department in the Ministry of Justice
  • Salary certificate of the wife, in case she works
  • Letter from the Public Institution for Social Security, in case the wife does not work
  • ID certificate of the husband


Visit the Rented Houses Department at the Public Authority for Housing Welfare Headquarters and submit the required documents.
Fill the service application form


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0 KD Fixed Fees

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