Private Pharmacies

Many private pharmacies had been established in every region and governorate in Kuwait; in order to make it easy for all Kuwait citizens, residents and visitors to receive their medication quickly and easily. The following table presents the names and contact details of the pharmacies available in every region and governorate in Kuwait.

Capital Governorate

NamePhone Number
Al Hakim Pharmacy22451532
Al Maleka Pharmacy22444699
Al Magal Pharmacy22428754
Ashbelia Pharmacy24759187
Al Ettihad Pharmacy22449249
Al Sharqiya Pharmacy22427900
Al Miguel Pharmacy22428754
Al Ghanim Pharmacy22422061
Gharnata Pharmacy22445885
Ahlam Pharmacy22436184
Al Safwa Pharmacy22470930
Al Seif Pharmacy22422268
Rana Pharmacy22455369
Al Farah Pharmacy22407955
Desman Pharmacy22431526
Ibn Rushd Pharmacy22431837
Dubai Pharmacy22434424
Al Salam Hospital Pharmacy22575036
Al Hajery Pharmacy24831000-25618109
Al-Huwail pharmacy22413905-22413906

Hawalli Governorate

NamePhone Number
Warba Pharmacy22635084
Al Ghanim Central Pharmacy22664513
Al Kamal Pharmacy22614446
Al Rehab Pharmacy22610818
Al Judar Pharmacy22610354
Al Andalus Pharmacy22613516
Hawalli Pharmacy22612572
Balsam 3 Pharmacy22621227
Al Hayat Pharmacy22611222
Al Najat Pharmacy22660990
Al Merqab Pharmacy22662069
Al Mahlab Pharmacy22624761
Dar Al-Shifa Pharmacy22626601
Al Mustaqbal Pharmacy22615505
Al Saada Pharmacy22617323
Al Yamama Pharmacy22631747
Athary Pharmacy22625757
Marami Pharmacy22668182
Kuwait Pharmacy22617334
Shamsan Pharmacy22614059
Al Ekhlas Pharmacy22625999
Dar Al-Dawa Pharmacy22659210
Athari Pharmacy22625757
4th Ring Road Pharmacy22624624
Al Khayyam Pharmacy22617734


NamePhone Number
Lian Pharmacy25751032
Hilton Pharmacy25660893
Al Istiklal Pharmacy25757598
Khalda Pharmacy25644601
Al Tahreer Pharmacy25744556
Ibn Al Nafis Pharmacy25729000
Al Markaz Pharmacy25653232
Loula Pharmacy25660604
Al Raed Pharmacy25610045
Al Rashid Pharmacy25624000
Al Shifa Pharmacy25628437
Dina Pharmacy25713120
Al Hanaa Pharmacy25629175
Montana Pharmacy25641553
Al Watan Pharmacy25650830
Cairo Pharmacy25637938
Al Safa Pharmacy25630396
Balsam 2 Pharmacy25750551
Al Turki Pharmacy25743758
Al Tasamoh Pharmacy25711364
Balsam 1 Pharmacy25750552
Dream Pharmacy25729501
Heba Pharmacy25717803
Al Zenah Pharmacy25658524
Al Midan Pharmacy25618929
Sima Pharmacy25748244
The New Mouwasat Hospital Pharmacy25726666
Al Samah Pharmacy25717316
Phoenicia Pharmacy25746943
Cordova Pharmacy25719326
Randa Pharmacy25710637
Sahary Pharmacy25711404
Marina Pharmacy22244660
Razan Pharmacy25717765
Al Salam Pharmacy25739277
Tarek Pharmacy25726256
Al Duaa Pharmacy25624777
Al Baraha Pharmacy25746334
Al Manar Pharmacy25759401
Dana Al Essa Pharmacy25614895
Maset AL-Ghanim Pharmacy25631600
Rose Pharmacy25618148
Grand Pharmacy25756956
Al Salam Pharmacy - Southern Al Surra27177663

Al Jabriya

NamePhone Number
Al Jabriya Pharmacy25312994
Al Kindi Pharmacy25324080
Hadi Hospital Pharmacy25347297
Nile Pharmacy25320578
Lama Pharmacy25411998
Al Ghadeer Pharmacy25340559
Al Bara'a Pharmacy25330060

Al Ahmadi Governorate - Mubarak Al Kabir

NamePhone Number
Al Ahmadi Pharmacy23980826
Al Khaleej Pharmacy23914567
AL Rakhis Pharmacy23921162
Sadaf Pharmacy23914715
Al Serheed Pharmacy23911709
Al Zagel Pharmacy23728600
Altaf Pharmacy23911078
Al Badia Pharmacy23910337
Al-Iman Pharmacy23916224
Dana Al Sultan Pharmacy23726558
Ibn Sina Pharmacy23928864
Al Amal Pharmacy23922800
Al Amin Pharmacy23919155
Adel Pharmacy23912795
Al Majd Pharmacy26777452
Abu Halifa Pharmacy23715414
Al Badoor Pharmacy23713077
Pastour Pharmacy24716516
Shaha Pharmacy23715335
Al Sayegh Pharmacy27661743
Al Rahma Pharmacy23713100
London Hospital Pharmacy23903881
Al Abraj Pharmacy23716646
Daher Pharmacy23842195

Farwaniya Governorate

NamePhone Number
Al Manawer Pharmacy24746423
Al Ghanim Central Pharmacy24717898
Al Farwaniya Pharmacy24763566
Al Taawon Pharmacy24726895
Al Shaab Pharmacy24715542
Reham Pharmacy24757360
Dana Al-Ghanim Pharmacy24710164
Al-Ahram Pharmacy24713318
Swiss Pharmacy24319477
Zamzam Pharmacy26458085


NamePhone Number
Al Ghanim Modern Pharmacy24766969
Al Hajery Pharmacy24735094
Dana Kheitan Pharmacy24752554
Al-Matar Pharmacy24716912
Al Wahdah Pharmacy24768585
Al Waha Pharmacy24768586
Al Tawfeeq Pharmacy24735355
Durat Al-Ghanim Pharmacy24727224
Al Sharq Al Gadeed Pharmacy24724386

Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh

NamePhone Number
Al Nimran Pharmacy24318087
Al Razi Pharmacy24316150
Al Kawthar Pharmacy24310113
Jawharat AL Ghanim Pharmacy24334282
Failaka Pharmacy24317515
Ibn Khaldoun Pharmacy24312749
Al Salama Pharmacy24336606
Palestine Pharmacy99315912
Wahat Al Ghanim Pharmacy99529544
Bayan Pharmacy24369771

AL-Jahra Governorate

NamePhone Number
Al Zahra Pharmacy24576559
Al Almia Pharmacy24557404
Al Jahra Cooperative Society Pharmacy \Timaa24551583
Al Jahra Cooperative Society Pharmacy \Alwaha24569713
Al Solibia Cooperative Society Pharmacy24671133
Al Jahra Al hadetha Pharmacy24575518
Al Ganem al dawlia Pharmacy24572370
Al Naseem Cooperative Society Pharmacy24571670
Al Taowon Pharmacy24726895
Al Madena al monawara Pharmacy24566633
Al Dera Pharmacy24567602
Al Orf hospital Pharmacy24580030
Al Jahra Pharmacy24553802