Establishing a joint-stock national insurance company (issuance)

Service Description

  • This service allows establishing a joint-stock national insurance company (issuance).

Eligibility or Criteria

  • 1. Economic feasibility study
  • 4. Submitting an application to the Minister
  • 3. The company must be a joint-stock company and 60% of its capital must be owned by Kuwaiti citizens.
  • Capital:
  • A- 5 million Kuwaiti dinars, for companies with life insurance activity
  • B- 5 million Kuwaiti dinars, for companies with general insurance activities
  • C- 15 million Kuwaiti dinars, for companies with re-insurance activities
  • 5. The companies are not granted a license for practicing insurance activities except after finishing the registration procedures, as per the provisions of the Commercial Companies Law
  • - Putting a deposit at the bank as a guarantee of:
  • 1. 500000 KD, for life insurance and fund accumulation (life insurance companies)
  • 2. 500000 KD, for companies practicing general insurance
  • 3. One million KD, for companies practicing (life insurance and general insurance)

Required Documents

  • 1. Names of founders
  • 2. lease contract + receipt, or title document of the real estate
  • 3. Copy of the joint-stock company license after the establishment
  • 4. Types of insurance policies requested to be practiced
  • 5. Filling the form prepared for this purpose
  • 6. Letter from the company requesting practicing insurance activities
  • 7. Deposit certificate
  • 8. Certificate of the paid capital
  • 9. The articles of incorporations and bylaws


Visit the Ministries Complex, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, 2nd floor, 1st block, Insurance Department and submit the required documents.


(100) KD for issuance

Downloadable Forms

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