Applying for Treatment of Night Dental Emergencies

Service Description

  • This service allows citizens, residents, and visitors to receive primary treatments for dental accidents, such as casting broken bones, suturing mouth and dental wounds, stopping mouth bleeding, filling teeth temporarily, extracting teeth, treating mouth abscess and removing tooth nerve .

Eligibility or Criteria

  • Unrequired

Required Documents

  • Civil ID, for Kuwaiti applicants
  • Civil ID and health card, for non-Kuwaiti applicants
  • Entrance visa, for applicant visitors


Visit the Accident Dental Unit at the Hospital pertaining to the Ministry of Health nearest to your residence district and submit the required documents
Register in the clinic
Pay the fees due, if any


(0) KD Variable Fees
(0) KD
Fixed Fees: Free of charges, for Kuwaiti applicants and the like
(2) KD
Fixed Fees: For non-Kuwaiti applicants
(5) KD
Fixed Fees: For visitors

Downloadable Forms

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