Issuing Professional Physician and Dentist Licenses to Work in the Private Medical Sector

Service Description

  • This service allows citizens, residents and visitors to issue professional physician and dentist licenses to work in the private medical sector

Eligibility or Criteria

  • The medical institution or the applicant must submit the request
  • The applicant must pass a personal interview
  • The applicant must pass a medical check-up
  • A primary approval must be obtained from the Medical License Committee
  • The scientific certificates and certificates of practical experience must be authenticated to request the professional license

Required Documents

  • License request letter from the medical institute
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Authenticated scientific qualifications, stating the date of issuance and the source, and the authenticated certificate of practical experience
  • Copy of the civil ID
  • Membership receipt in Kuwait Medical Association
  • Equivalence of scientific certificates
  • Copy of the nationality certificate, for Kuwaiti applicants
  • Copy of the passport, for non-Kuwaiti applicants
  • Four (4) personal photos


Visit the Medical License Department of the Ministry of Health and submit the required documents and the application form
Note: For Kuwaiti applicants, the applicant in person or the applicant's employer (Dispensary/center/hospital) may submit the request. For non-Kuwaiti applicants, the clinic owner, the Kuwaiti physician, or the medical institutions may submit the request
Fill the service application form. The documents are reviewed in the department and scientific certificates are sent to the Ministry of Higher Education for equivalency. Then, the request is presented to the specialty committee for an interview
After passing the interview, the request is presented to the Medical License Committee for issuing primary approval and temporary license, for Kuwaiti applicants. Non-Kuwaiti applicants, also, obtain residence in work location
Pay the fees due; the permanent license is issued. This license is valid for five years, for Kuwaiti applicants; and for two years, for non-Kuwaiti applicants
Note: You may pay the fees due using cheques provided that the cheques are certified by the bank


(50) KD Fixed Fees: First-time license
(30) KD Fixed Fees: License renewal
(0) KD Fixed Fees