Request Treatment Abroad

Service Description

  • This service allows the possibility of sending sick citizens abroad for treatment, in case the treatment is not available in the hospitals of Kuwait.

Eligibility or Criteria

  • The patient required to be treated abroad must be a Kuwaiti citizen.
  • The required treatment must not be available in Kuwait.

Required Documents

  • A detailed and updated medical report in English about the medical condition of the patient from the hospital where the patient is treated inside Kuwait.
  • Copy of the patient's civil ID.


Visit in person (the patient requiring an abroad treatment at the expenses of the state) or send one of your relatives with a legal capacity to the Department of Treatment Abroad. Submit your request for examination by the medical committee in the competent hospital to decide whether the treatment is available inside Kuwait or not. This can be done by filling Form No.(1)
In case the specialty medical committee approves your abroad treatment since it is not available in Kuwait, you or your relative must refer to the Department of Treatment Abroad. Hence, you can start the travel procedures pursuant to the systems followed in this regard. In case the specialty medical committee does not approve your abroad treatment, you or your relative can fill the Form No. (2) to bring a complaint against the decision of the specialty committee. The complain will then be presented before the Supreme Medical Committee for Treatment Abroad


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