Students' Admission System for Completion of Studies (Kuwaiti Students Only)

Service Description

  • This service allows Kuwaiti students to complete their studies

Eligibility or Criteria

  • The applicant must have an unconditional study leave from the Civil Service Commission, stating the required specialization and the start date of the leave
  • Admission is allowed in all the colleges
  • Registration is allowed in the College of Basic Education
  • Admission is conditioned by the number of vacancies in the required specialization

Required Documents

  • Original civil ID and a copy for verification
  • Copy of the study leave
  • Four (4) personal photos
  • Attested copy from the Secondary School Certificate or an equivalent certificate
  • Attested copy from the Teachers' Institute Diploma
  • Study permission from the Obligatory Military Service Department for males
  • Proof that the applicant will be a full-time student
  • Unconditional study leave from the Civil Service Commission. The leave document must indicate the required specialization and the leave start date


Visit the Admission and Registration Office of the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training
Fill the service application form
Pay the fees due


(0) KD Variable fees
(5) KD Fixed Fees

Downloadable Forms

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