Applying for Estimating Labourers Required (the Public Authority of Industry)

Service Description

  • This service allows the business sector (factories) to estimate the labourers required for the establishment operation This service addresses the industrial establishments and the small-scale industry, whether new or already established

Eligibility or Criteria

  • The license must be valid
  • The last estimation for the labourers required must have been submitted (1) year ago
  • The establishment owner must register all the data in details including the administrative title, the machines in use, the labourer's job title, the existing and the required labourers

Required Documents

  • List of labourers from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor
  • Labourers' number survey from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor
  • Latest lease receipt for the parcel of the Public Authority for Industry
  • Copy of the industrial license
  • Copy of the signature authorization
  • Printed application form


Fill the service application form attached below
Visit the Integrated Services Center of the Public Authority for Industry and submit the required documents. The receptionist checks the documents and attachments required with the application form. The Customer Service Center Manager transfers the request to the engineer in charge. The engineer visits the factory and prepares the labourers' memorandum to be reviewed by the Customer Center Section Manager and approved by the Integrated Services Center Manager
Check the Integrated Services Center for the request status. In case the request receives approval, you will obtain a certificate for estimating the labourers required from the Public Authority for Industry. The original request will be retained in the client's file at the Archives Section for easy reference, when needed


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