Issuing Pension Certificates for Retired Persons

Service Description

  • This service allows the retired persons to obtain one of the following pension certificates: Pension certificate without the pension value Pension certificate with the pension value Pension certificate with the account number Pension Certificate of extended service a retired Pension Certificate especially for banks Pension Certificate of Subscribe duration

Eligibility or Criteria

  • The applicant must be retired
  • The retired applicant or his agent with a power of attorney must attend the procedures in person
  • Guardianship rule or power of attorney (original)

Required Documents

  • Valid civil ID for citizens and residents


Visit, the applicant or his agent, the Certificate Section at the main building of the Public Institution for Social Security located in ElMerqab, ElSour Street or one of its branches (Meshrif Branch located at Mubarak Al-Abdullah district near the International Exhibition Fairgrounds, or Gharnata Branch located at Gharnata district - Gamal Abd-El Nasser Street near the Saving and Credit Bank, or Liberation Tower Branch) and submit the required documents(morning or afternoon)
Or, apply for the Certificate using the electronic service link
on the Public Institution for Social Security website


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