Death Grant

Service Description

  • Death Grant Transactions

Eligibility or Criteria

  • The death of the insured or retired

Required Documents

  • Copy of death certificate (duly attested by the competent governmental authorities in the issuing country outside Kuwait and the Embassy of the State of Kuwait)
  • Copy of Limitation of Succession (duly attested by the competent governmental authorities in the issuing country outside Kuwait and the Embassy of the State of Kuwait).
  • Copy of birth certificate or age assessment certificate for the widow or her civil card if she is more than (55 years old).
  • Copy of children birth certificates (males and females) and verification of disability certificate (in case of a disabled child).
  • 5. Copy of salary certificates (stating the date of employment) for the working sons if they are not registered with the Public Institution for Social Security and if they are registered, the number of the existing identification or the use of salary notification from the bank would be enough.
  • Disability proving certificate for one of the sons who is above (26) years.
  • A document showing the widower's account number. -
  • Copy of nationality certificate for a Kuwaiti widow woman or passport for the non-Kuwaiti woman, or the civil card.
  • Certificates on the account numbers of adult children if they are eligible to a certain share in the deceased pension in addition to certificates on account numbers of the minor children from the guardian's side if the guardianship is for a person other than the Public Authority for Minors Affairs.
  • Copies of marriage contracts for daughters or divorce certificates as well as the court judgments that rules by marriage or divorce (if any).
  • Full family address and telephone number.
  • Verification of study for the son above (26) years old who studies in a post-secondary school stage from the concerned party.
  • Copy of civil ID cards for all eligible persons.
  • In case of the death of the insured person or pensioner and the female widower is not mentioned in the Limitation of Succession, a notification is sent to his children for the fate of the late husband's wife and in case of her divorce, a certificate of divorce is required. In case of the death of the widow, a Limitation of Succession for her inheritors and a death certificate are required.
  • In case of the death of a non-Kuwaiti pensioner, the guardianship judgment on the minor children should be attached provided that it should be accompanied with the executive form of the courts of Kuwait.
  • No marriage certificate for all the daughters of the late insured person who attained the age of (14) years old and above and the sisters of the late insured person in case of their dependence on the late person throughout his course of life
  • The presence of one of the brothers and sisters of the late themselves or on behalf of all of them or one of them in an attorneyship to sign the affidavit of dependence or no dependence on the late during his life and no other affidavit shall be considered otherwise.


Visit the Insurance Services Department at the main building of the Public Institution for Social Security located in ElMerqab, ElSour Street or one of its branches (Meshrif Branch located at Mubarak Al-Abdullah district near the International Exhibition Fairgrounds, or Gharnata Branch located at Gharnata district - Gamal Abd-El Nasser Street near the Saving and Credit Bank, or Liberation Tower Branch) and submit the required documents(morning or afternoon)


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