Weather in Kuwait

Kuwait lies between the latitudes 28.45 and 30.05 degrees, north of the equator, and the longitudes 46.30 and 48.30 degrees, east of the GMT. Hence, it is situated in the geographically desert zone which is marked by a continental climate. This climate is characterized by its long Summer and short Winter. During Summer, temperatures are usually high and weather is dry. During Winter, temperatures become warm and rain occasionally falls.

Regarding temperatures, they range between 45°C in the summer and 6°C in the winter. This great divergence in temperature degrees is accompanied with many differences in the annual rates of rainfall, ranging between 22 mm and 352 mm. The highest temperature registered in Kuwait was 51°C, in July 1978, while the lowest was -4°C, in January 1964.

Seasons in Kuwait


Winter starts on December 6 and ends on February 15. During Winter, temperatures are low, clouds accumulate and rain falls. Furthermore, a very cold, west northern wind blows.


Spring starts on February 16 and ends on May 20. During Spring, the weather is known for being moderate. Some weather fluctuations may occur and rain may fall accompanied by thunderclouds. Besides, a hot southern wind blows in spring.


Summer starts on May 21 and ends on November 4. During Spring, temperatures are high, humidity increases, and dust winds blow.


Autumn starts on November 5 and ends on December 5. During Autumn, temperatures are moderate, clouds accumulate and rain falls. The weather is very cold at night.