Air Transport

Once visitors to Kuwait land, they visit Kuwait International Airport. This airport is the only one in Kuwait. The airport presents quality and efficient services for the passengers. The terminal building is fully prepared with the most modern facilities. These services give people saying good-bye or welcoming others a feeling of enjoyment and comfort during their waiting hours. A spacious Commercial Centre with a great variety of commercial shops is available at the airport, adjacent to the Arrival Hall and the capacious car parking. The Departure Hall is equipped with advanced systems for handling luggage and a children's area. These modern facilities ensure that the Kuwait International Airport is a pioneer in the efficiency of the operation system.

Kuwait International Airport is concerned with presenting distinctive services for the passengers. As the Ground Handling Department at the Kuwait Airways Company is responsible for taking care of the passengers and their luggage in a quick and efficient way. The professional ground operations teams use modern equipment and an advanced tracking system for luggage. This system works on decreasing the percentage of luggage loss, as well as helping the arriving passengers to receive their luggage quickly.

Located two hundred meters from the main terminal building at the Kuwait International Airport, Safir Airport Hotel was established to make sure the transit passengers are comfortable during their waiting. The Hotel is a field of quietness far from the noisy world of the airport. Safir Airport Hotel presents accommodation and welfare services for clients from transit passengers. Passengers are transferred from the terminal building direct to the Hotel via private internal buses. Once passengers reach Safir Hotel, they are received by professional services and facilities designed for their enjoyment. The variety of hotel rooms is distinguished by its high style furniture and methods of luxury.

Duty Free shopping zone at Kuwait International Airport is designed to give the passengers chance to shop as they move freely around. Hence, they have the best experience of shopping and traveling. Shops at the Duty Free zone display a various collection of goods and products. Most of the shops follow the self-service way. The shopper can pick all what he likes; then, try them without any interference from the seller.

The aim of the Freight Department at the Kuwait International Airport is to meet the needs of the Air Freight Sector. The department cooperates with the Public Customs Department against the international smuggling. As the department employees are responsible for inspecting any incoming and outgoing goods. They also handle the documents of the Customs fees and taxes.

Kuwait International Airport is proud of providing various services for airplanes provisioning. Equipment and working areas are being inspected ceaselessly to ensure maintaining of the highest levels of cleanliness. The raw materials and the cooked meals are, continually, being inspected to ensure that nothing is contaminated. Kuwait Aviation Fuelling Company provides airplanes by fuel. It is the only resource for the aviation fuel at the Kuwait International Airport. The Company is highly reputable for its professional services delivered at Kuwait Airport. It is rated as one of the best refueling stops in the region.

For providing the highest safety measures in the airport, the Kuwait Fire Service Department is provided with qualified fire-fighters and modern equipment to react quickly and efficiently to any emergencies. All fire-fighters receive continuous training to maintain highest degrees of proficiency.

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